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HK XINGYUE ADDR.:Flat A,Floor 15,
Manly Commercial Building,15 Soy Street,Mong Kok,Kowloon,HongKong.
Tel: 86-769-22288565
(0769) 222 888 65
Ms. Xie: 13825761286
Fax: 86-769-22288685
Email :xy1688@188.com

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·Party Of The Lantern Festival ¡¾2010-03-18,861¡¿
·Canton Fair¡¾2009-11-05,788¡¿
·Invitation for CANTON FAIR¡¾2009-10-15,806¡¿
·Start the OEM project with US POLO¡¾2009-04-05,784¡¿
·Take care of your bags in holiday¡¾2008-07-26,1425¡¿
·What is PU leather?¡¾2008-07-26,866¡¿
·Our donation after Earthquake¡¾2008-05-22,831¡¿
·Sichuan Earthquake¡¾2008-05-21,1376¡¿
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